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Payton Disario
Payton DiSario, sophomore, attends Ola and aspires to go to a college of her choice. DiSario serves as the secretary of the Student Government Association (SGA) and plays Varsity soccer for the Mustangs. DiSario's favorite subject tends to be language arts, which is why she recently joined Ola High Schools Hoofprint staff. Because she enjoys writing, she can see herself pursuing a career in journalism. DiSario would like to learn how to write opinion pieces but also plans to dive into other types of writing to broaden her horizons. When DiSario is not attending school, she enjoys spending quality time with her close friends.

Payton Disario, Writer

Apr 02, 2020
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Oct 17, 2018
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Sep 26, 2018
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Aug 20, 2018
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Payton Disario