Freshman Survival Guide

Mary Mangual, Co-Editor-in-Chief

August 9, 2015

Filed under Academics

  Title sequence: Panorama of Ola high school as clouds gather and flee in sped-up time. Close-up of a goat. Distant shot of horses racing through verdant fields. Football players sweating through a workout. Zoom out to...

Why Upper Classmen Hate Under Classmen

Jeff Pope, Staff Writer

January 16, 2015

Filed under Opinions

Coming into high school, the new freshmen have to understand the reasoning for the amount of respect given to them by upper classmen. Immaturity and annoyance are some of the main reasons why upper class men do not like under...

Wrestlers Talk Success

Jessica Phillips, Staff Reporter

January 16, 2015

Filed under Athletics

The wrestling season is in full swing and the boys are ready to get back at it. To prepare for a match, the boys have practice every day afterschool. Some boys have specific ways that they prepare and keep in shape for the season. For example, Gabe Hecht,...

Freshmen Face Obstacles

Jessica Phillips, Staff Writer

October 30, 2014

Filed under Opinions

This year, when the all "A" and all "A/B" honor roll lists went up in front of the media center, there was a noticeable difference when it came to the freshmen list. While the sophomores, juniors, and seniors each had a three...

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